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Portofoliu Power Apps

Vă prezentăm o selecție a aplicațiilor Android realizate de echipa Power Apps

Color Brain Game

Answer the question depending on the card’s text meaning/color. You should only click on MATCH or NO MATCH buttons! If there is a match, you get +1, if there isn’t a match, you’ll get -2. If you make a score grater then 30, you’ll go to the next level.

City Tour Constanta

Explore 100 of the biggest and best tourist destinations in Constanta. You can get the hop-on and off bus around the city to see museums, parks, building and famous landmarks. Discover a detailed map that accurately pin point bus stops.

Real Time Shopping List

It’s a real time Shopping List in which any changes that are made to a shopping list, will instantly appear on everyone’s device. When buying products, you can remove them from your shopping list on a single tap.